I can’t really explain my life other than to say it appears to be ongoing.

Radio Assistant, Reporter, Producer, Presenter, Television Presenter, Reporter, Producer, Director, Features Editor, Deputy Head of Programmes at an ITV company, International Consultant, Television Trainer, Weapons Instructor, Infantry Officer, Troop Commander, Mountain Rescue Medic, Morris dancer, Cub leader, Support Worker, Magistrate, Wedding Registrar, Tourist Officer, Emergency Responder, Flood Recovery Officer  Paddle Board Instructor, Covid Coordinator  and bad Melodeon Player have all added up to something I can’t explain even to myself.

In this newsletter, I’ll take you through (in no particular order) some of the weird and wonderful experiences that just kept happening. In no way must these posts be seen as educational, cautionary perhaps, and it certainly shows that, to survive, luck must always follow a broadcaster. When I first joined the BBC it was drilled into me that we were there to inform, educate and entertain, please disregard the first two for these are random reminiscences of a different world.

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The weird and wonderful world of broadcasting from the 1970s onwards. Written by former broadcaster, programme maker and newsreader Paul Baird.